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Our 3D Figurines, which are priced separately from the 3D Scan, come in six sizes, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, and 3X-Large with a starting price of $39.  This allows for the purchase of multiple models from the same scan.  An individual Quick Scan session is free when purchasing any size 3D print, and our Deluxe Scan session is priced at $199 per person with discounts available for multiple people.

3D Printed Figurine - Full Color
Small - 2 inches
$39 each*
Medium - 3.3 inches
$59 each*
Large - 4.6 inches
$79 each*
X-Large - 6 inches
$99 each*
2X-Large - 10 inches
$169 each*
3X-Large - 14 inches
$449 each*
1:18 Scale
1:12 Scale
Base Plate - clear acrylic disk
$5 / each
Base Plate - stained and finished wood
$15  / each

3D Scanning
Scan Type
Quick Scan Session
with any product purchase
Deluxe Scan Session - 1 person
Deluxe Scan Session - 2 people
$189 per person
Deluxe Scan Session - 3 people
$179 per person
Deluxe Scan Session - 4 or more people
$169 per person
3D Scanning Booth Rental - Unlimited Quick Scans
$150 per hour - 2 hour minimum

* All purchases are subject to California State Sales Tax.
* In order to keep our prices low for the majority of customers, 3d print prices listed are for one person and standard clothing. Two people scanned together or outfits that create excessive volume to the 3D print (some gowns, wedding dresses, costumes, etc.) may be subject to a 10%-60% surcharge.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.

We can print your figurine to one of the scales above or we can print a discrete size. For families or groups it's best to print by scale so everyone is the correct relative height.  For individuals you may want to print a discrete size.

3D Printed Figurine Gift Certificates are available!

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