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Welcome to the future of portrait photography - 3D photo-realistic mini figurines!

We utilize the latest in 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to turn you, your loved ones, friends, or business associates into stunningly detailed miniature statues.  Our process will duplicate your pose, facial expression, hair style, and favorite clothing into an heirloom quality figurine for about the same price as a traditional photographic portrait session and prints. 

We blend the art of photography with the science of 3D printing!

3D Printed Family Portrait from GRC Visuals

What is the Process?

We offer two different methods for full body scanning.

Our Deluxe Scan rig utilizes the latest photogrammetry technology and produces a highly detailed mesh and full color texture map.  This rig will capture your digital information from 360 degrees around and from multiple angles in less than 30 seconds, although there is an additional 2-4 hours of processing time required to generate the full 3D model. This method is preferred when a high detail model is needed, or for printing figurines six inches and larger.

Deluxe Scan 3D Scanner GRC Visuals

Our Quick Scan rig takes slightly longer for the data capture, about 2 minutes, but provides near-real time results with a 3D mesh available within seconds of stepping off the platform.   Although, the resulting texture maps are not as detailed as our Deluxe Scan, this method is suitable for printing figurines in the smaller 2-6 inch sizes.

Quick Scan 3D Scanner GRC Visuals

Scanning is done by appointment in our El Dorado Hills studio, or for a small additional fee we can bring our 3D scanning rig to your location.

Once your 3D digital likeness is created, you'll have the opportunity to view and share a full color 3D animation via our on-line storefront.  You're figurine will be printed on a state of the art 3D color printer with a resolution of 650x540 dpi.   The final product has a hard, sandstone surface texture with crisply defined features.   Delivery time for your 3D print is 2-3 weeks after you place your order.

How do I prepare for a scan?

A 3D scan session is similar to a regular photographic studio portrait session in that we use controlled lighting for the best digital capture.  Our multi-camera scanning rig also uses high quality DSLR cameras to ensure we capture enough detail for a clean geometry build.  What's different is that the subject must remain steady for the duration of the scan, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the scan method.  So very young children or pets may not be the best candidates.  Prior to the scan, we'll cover the basics on posing and how to best obtain an accurate scan.  Wearing your favorite outfit and accessories is recommended, although clothing choices should adhere to the guidelines below.

Clothing that works best:

 - Natural fabric like cotton, wool, or linen with an irregular texture pattern,
   i.e. jeans, knits, tees, etc.
 - Bright, cheerful colors add visual interest.
 - Accessories like jackets, sweaters, scarves, etc. or clothing with text or graphics
   for added details.
 - Shoes, boots, or sandals with a matte or textured surface.

Clothing to avoid:

 - Synthetic fabric that is shiny, extremely smooth/satin, or opaque.
 - Very dark or very light clothing.
 - Small repeating patterns (large patterns are OK).
 - Shiny or reflective shoes.

How can I display my figurine?

We have some creative ideas for displaying your miniature you!  They look great as-is on your desktop, bookshelf, or mantel but you can also hang them on the wall when placed inside a shadowbox frame.  We have different bases available to give your figurine extra stability or just a classic look.  Also, we're a big fan of themed displays and our 1/12 scale figurines are the perfect size to pair up with doll house accessories.

3D Printed Figurines from GRC Visuals

How much does it cost?

Click here for 3D figurine pricing information.

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